Work in progress

This is a selection of papers in progress. Comment welcome!

  • Häusermann, Silja, Michael Pinggera, Matthias Enggist and Macarena Ares: Class and social policy in the knowledge economy  PDF
  • Häusermann, Silja, Michael Pinggera, Macarena Ares and Matthias Enggist: The Limits of Solidarity. Changing welfare coalitions in a transforming European party system PDF
  • Ares, Macarena, Matthias Enggist, Silja Häusermann and Michael Pinggera: Attitudinal constraint in welfare priorities: political interest and welfare publics PDF
  • Ares, Macarena, Reto Bürgisser, Silja Häusermann: Attitudinal Polarization Towards the Redistributive Role of the State in the Wake of the COVID-19 Crisis PDF
  • Enggist, Matthias, Silja Häusermann, Michael Pinggera: The COVID-crisis as an opportunity for welfare recalibration? Panel-data evidence on the effect of the COVID-crisis on welfare preferences in Spain, Germany, and Sweden PDF
  • Bornschier, Simon, Silja Häusermann, Delia Zollinger, Céline Colombo: How ‘Us’ and ‘Them’ Relates to Voting Behavior – Social Structure, Social Identities, and Electoral Choice PDF
  • Häusermann, Silja and Nadja Mosimann: Social Democratic Parties and Trade Unions: Parting Ways or Facing the Same Challenges?  PDF
  • Häusermann, Silja: Social Democracy in competition: voting propensities and electoral trade-offs PDF