Research Projects

Current projects (please go to „work in progress“ or the project websites for papers) :

WELFAREPRIORITIES. Priorities, trade-offs and reform opportunities in European welfare politics (2017-2023, ERC Starting Grant)
Social Identities and Social Structure in 21st Century Electoral Politics – How Understandings of ‘Us’ and ‘Them’ Translate into Voting Behavior
How Technological Change Reshapes Politics: Technology, Elections, and Policies (TECHNO)
The Transformation of Social Democracy and the Left in Europe
UZH Research Priority Program: Equality of Opportunities
WoPSI – The World Politics of Social Investment (collaborative research project)


Completed projects:

Hard Choices. Preferences, trade-offs and reform opportunities in multidimensional welfare politics (2015-2018)
Crisis of democracy? Party politics and representation in times of austerity (2014-2017)
Years of Turmoil. The Political Consequences of the Financial and Economic Crisis in Europe (2013-2017)

From elections to outputs: linking party system change and distributive policy change (2010-2014)

Winners and losers in post-industrial societies: the politics of dualization (2011-2013)

Modernization in Hard Times. Post-Industrial Pension Politics in France, Germany and Switzerland (2003-2008)