Work in progress

This is a selection of papers in progress. Comment welcome!

  • Bürgisser, Reto, Matthias Enggist, Silja Häusermann and Michael Pinggera: Universalism of the Young, Universalism of the Old: Universalists, Particularists and Welfare Preferences.  PDF
  • Enggist, Matthias, and Silja Häusermann: Partisan Preference Divides Regarding Welfare Chauvinism and Welfare Populism – Appealing only to Radical Right Voters or Beyond?.  PDF
  • Garritzmann, Julian, Silja Häusermann and Michael Pinggera: Under What Conditions Do Citizens Support Future-Oriented Welfare Reforms? Public Opinion and Second Dimension Welfare Politics.  PDF
  • Häusermann, Silja, Thomas Kurer and Delia Zollinger: Aspiration vs. Apprehension: Economic Opportunities and Electoral Preferences.  PDF
  • Bornschier, Simon, Lukas Haffert, Silja Häusermann, Marco Steenbergen, Delia Zollinger: Identity Formation between Structure and Agency – How „Us“ and „Them“ Relates to Voting Behavior in Contexts of Electoral Realignment PDF
  • Haffert, Lukas, Bornschier, Simon, Silja Häusermann, Marco Steenbergen, Delia Zollinger: Group Identities and their perceived representation in the party system: evidence from four European countries. PDF
  • Häusermann, Silja: Social Democracy in competition: voting propensities, electoral potentials and overlaps PDF
  • Abou-Chadi, Tarik, Silja Häusermann, Reto Mitteregger, Nadja Mosimann, Markus Wagner:Old Left, New Left, Centrist or Left Nationalist? Determinants of support for different social democratic programmatic strategies PDF
  • Häusermann, Silja, Michael Pinggera, Macarena Ares and Matthias Enggist: The Limits of Solidarity. Changing welfare coalitions in a transforming European party system PDF
  • Ares, Macarena, Matthias Enggist, Silja Häusermann and Michael Pinggera: Attitudinal constraint in welfare priorities: political interest and welfare publics PDF
  • Häusermann, Silja and Nadja Mosimann: Social Democratic Parties and Trade Unions: Parting Ways or Facing the Same Challenges?  PDF