Current projects:

WELFAREPRIORITIES. Priorities, trade-offs and reform opportunities in European welfare politics (2017-2022, ERC Starting Grant)
WoPSI – The World Politics of Social Investment (collaborative research project)
Electoral Realignment and Welfare State Politics

Completed projects:

Hard Choices. Preferences, trade-offs and reform opportunities in multidimensional welfare politics (2015-2018, with Denise Traber)
Crisis of democracy? Party politics and representation in times of austerity (2014-2017, with Denise Traber)
Years of Turmoil. The Political Consequences of the Financial and Economic Crisis in Europe (2013-2017, with Bruno Wüest and Thomas Kurer)
Modernizing post-industrial care policies: conflict lines and coalitional dynamics (2012 - 2014, with Christine Zollinger )

From elections to outputs: linking party system change and distributive policy change (2010-2014, with Hanspeter Kriesi and Dominik Geering)

Winners and losers in post-industrial societies: the politics of dualization (2011-2013, with Hanna Schwander and Thomas Kurer)

The Politics of the New Welfare State (2009-2011)

Switzerland in Europe (2009-2011)

Modernization in Hard Times. Post-Industrial Pension Politics in France, Germany and Switzerland (2003-2008)

A long goodbye to Bismarck? The Politics of Reform in Bismarckian welfare systems (2006-2008)

Value Change in Switzerland (2007-2008)

Governance of supplementary pensions in Europe GOSPE (2007-2009)

Reshaping decision-making processes under external pressure (2000-2003)